Jim Ming Metal Parts Manufactory

About Us

Established in 2010, Jin Ming Metal Manufactory is a private enterprise with automatic production line and highly automatic production. It always tries the best to minimize the costs, satisfy the client's requirements for product precision and price and enhance the market competitiveness. We have more than ten precise CNC automation equipment and well-experienced project and quality control team.

We own high-precision test equipment and complete quality management system, We have established oriject monitoring system for the whole manufacturing process to ensure the usage of the very correct materials, coordination of precise machinery and technique and thus manufacturing of the precise parts.

We have obtained the certification of intermational auto industry high-quality management system and ISO/TS16949:2009 system. Beside special service for the metal parts processing of auto industry, we can also provide service for the industries such as electronics, communication, medical device and food processing and we would like to establish cooperation relationship with you with reasonable price and quality service.

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